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Your tailor-made safari in Botswana

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Your footprint in Africa helps conserve the bio-diversity and create eco-tourism with benefits for the local population.

Our partners in Botswana’s Okavango Delta have been operating since 1983. They make a difference in maintaining the environment and help wildlife conservation by engaging the local communities.

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By attending the We Are Africa conference in Cape Town we soon realised how our team makes a difference. In promoting, encouraging and bringing people to Africa, we help to conserve some of the world’s greatest treasures.

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So what does the team at Indigo look for when tailoring a safari for you?

  • Exclusive access to Africa’s best wildlife areas (excellent sightings, tracking the big 5 and so much more).
  • Diverse landscapes (savannah- desert- rainforest – ocean)
  • Private concessions as they offer exclusivity, comfort, and exceed by far the experiences of public access parks. Botswana is exceptional in that it offers low volume high value with some private concessions exceeding 100,000 hectares.
  • Safari operators that own the infrastructure and manage the logistics of moving between camps.
  • A selection of camps and lodges that cover the spectrum from high-end luxury to more affordable.

Our latest visits to Botswana included:

Vumbura Plains

Comprises two premier camps with 14 suites in total. The camp is situated towards the centre of the Okavango Delta, allowing both land and water based safaris (mokoro) or motorised. Up close to elephant, hippos and alligators… amazing.

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Kings Pool Camp

Named after Scandanavian royalty, Kings Pool overlooks the oxbow shape of the Kings Pool lagoon in the Linyanti wildlife reserve, situated between the Delta and Chobe National Park.

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Kings Pool has 9 superb suites that overlook the reserve and out into the distant Namibian Caprivi Strip.

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At Kings Pool camp there is outstanding game viewing with the largest elephants we have ever seen on safari.

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So if you are looking for an amazing tailor-made safari, that has a positive footprint in Africa, call Laurie at Indigo 09 575 3272 or 0274 832561.


How To Really Immerse Yourself On An African Safari!

On their first Southern African Safari, Ralph and Mandy Marshall discovered a whole new world during their stay in the private camps of Camp Jabulani, Elephant Camp, Londolozi and Singita Reserves.

 “It’s difficult to express what I am seeing in this beautiful animal world. It’s incredible and enlightening. Yesterday we encountered a leopard, the Mashable Female, up a tree to enable her to scan for prey to fee her two young cubs, which she has in hiding.

Our ranger Simon and tracker Foster knew she hadn’t eaten for 5 days, so she would be desperate to make a kill.

So we sit and wait.  You won’t believe what happens next…..

Suddenly she dismounts the tree, passing by our open vehicle, nearly touching the side of the vehicle, so close to me, I could have stroked her back… I almost fainted with the disbelief of what I had just witnessed. Unbelievable”


The Safari aspect of the Marshall’s journey commenced with unique and personal interaction with elephants at Camp Jabulani in the Kapama Game Reserve. Their experience, daily elephant backed safaris into the bush and the Endangered Species Centre in Hoedspruit.


As Mandy recounts:

“I rode Jabulani on my elephant back encounters. On one occasion, I had taken my mobile phone with me with the idea of taking some quick shots as we moved the through the bush.  Unbeknown to me, of course, the phone slipped out of my pocket and ended up on the ground”

At four metres high, Jabulani leant over and with his trunk slowly manoeuvred as if to grab the phone from the ground. Remarkably, and somewhat clumsily he used his trunk moving the mobile phone around on the ground as he attempted to make the phone stand up to catch it like a hand. Indeed, eventually he took hold of the phone and by raising his trunk back over his back, he gave it to me. I was astounded!

I have the phone now it’s a little worn but I am using it and it is working. This is an experience I will always remember!


After the safari was over,  I was amazed to hear that an elephant is able to remove a thorn from a foot. The story of Jabulani is really an inspiring one. Read it here.